Yellow Peas Are The New Kale!

Yellow Peas Are The New Kale!

We’re putting a stake in the ground, this is it…finally the new kale has arrived! 

Ok, ok…probably not, but it’s fun to say.  The reality is that nothing is really the new kale.  Kale took the health food world by storm, from humble beginnings as a garnish in the produce aisle to the centerpiece of our next nutritious meal, kale is pretty incredible stuff.    

BUT, to give credit where it is due, yellow peas are really quite incredible themselves.  Also from humble beginnings, yellow peas are now making it into the food world in a huge way.  Think about that post workout plant protein shake you drink ~ yes, many are made with yellow peas as the primary ingredient.  Or how about that meatless burger you’ve been thinking about trying ~ depending on the brand, yellow peas are the primary source of protein.  There are also some incredible milk alternatives ~ especially Ripple ~ powered by yellow peas, which give it one of the best protein profiles of all the alternative milks, including the much celebrated oat milk (also a good choice).

So what makes yellow peas so great (a kale lover might ask)?  Well, yellow peas have tons of plant protein ~ the really good kind of plant protein for energy ~ and one of the more complete plant proteins, with a wide variety of essential amino acids.  Yellow peas also have a ton of fiber which acts as an amazing prebiotic for gut health and keeps you feeling satisfied.  By keeping you satisfied, you're less likely to feel like you need extra calories.  Yellow peas are also low allergy and low glycemic.  Finally, yellow peas are packed with nutrients like folate, molybdenum, magnesium and potassium ~ over 2x more potassium by weight than a banana (one of our other favorite yellow foods).  

So, if you’re looking for the next healthy food, check out the incredible yellow pea.  It’s like kale…but yellow…and round.

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